Travel Insurance

SeaFirst Insurance Brokers offers a wide variety of travel insurance products to fit an array of individual needs. Whether travelling for the weekend, or spending months abroad, SeaFirst will work with you to find the policy that best suits your travel situation. Products include, but are not limited to, single and multi-trip emergency medical plans, trip cancellation and trip interruption policies, all-inclusive travel policies, visitors to Canada medical insurance, top-up medical policies, and more.

To get an online travel insurance quote and/or buy a policy, please click here. We do have other options available and will work with you to ensure you receive the best possible coverage for your trip. We welcome you to call or you can visit one of our 7 locations to obtain a custom proposal to fit your travel insurance needs.

The coverage can be purchased for travel:

  • Worldwide, including the USA
  • Worldwide, excluding the USA (but will cover transit through the US)
  • Within Canada

Single Trip Emergency Travel Medical Insurance:

  • This policy is designed for customers wishing to purchase insurance coverage for a single, specific trip.
  • Coverage is a minimum of $5,000,000, with a variety of different deductible options from which to choose, allowing you to manage your premiums.

Multi Trip Emergency Travel Medical Insurance:

  • This policy is designed for customers who travel frequently and want the convenience of having an annual policy that will cover all of their trips (up to a set limit of days per trip).
  • Coverage is a minimum of $5,000,000, with a variety of different deductible options from which to choose, allowing you to manage your premiums.
  • Multi-trip policies may be purchased for a variety of trip lengths, ranging from 4 days to 183 days per trip.

Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance:

  • This policy is designed for customers wishing to purchase coverage on prepaid, non-refundable travel expenses (e.g. airline or hotel deposits, cruise fares, and package tours).
  • Coverage applies to cancellation of the trip prior to departure, and interruption during the trip.

Q. Why do I need to buy travel medical insurance?

A. The BC Medical Insurance Services plan pays almost nothing of medical expenses incurred outside of Canada, usually less than 5% of the costs incurred.  They also pay nothing towards any ‘extra costs’ incurred, e.g. return of a vehicle, ambulance charges, air ambulance, etc.

Currently, if you get sick outside of Canada, the Provincial plan pays only:

  • Outpatient Doctor Visit:                                                 $28.00
  • ER Fees                                                                           $0.00
  • Inpatient admission                                                      $75/day
  • Lab charges                                                               $4-7/item
  • Radiology Charges                                $14/x-ray or $300/MRI

Q. But why do I need trip insurance while travelling within Canada?  Don’t we have reciprocal agreements with the other provinces?

A. The agreements only coverage doctors, hospitals, etc.  They don’t cover any of the costs involved with bringing you home to BC, rental of crutches or wheelchairs, prescription medication, out-of-pocket expenses, etc.

Q. I already have coverage through my employer’s group plan and/or credit card.

A. That’s great, but make sure you know exactly what the plan covers, and what the exclusions are:

  • What is the maximum limit?
  • Does it cover family members?
  • Who will you call in case of an emergency?
  • Will the plan coordinate with Provincial Medical? 
  • What is the maximum number of days per trip?
  • Will you be penalized if you don’t call the claims company right away?
  • Are you covered for pre-existing conditions?

Q. What does the insurance actually cover?

A.  All of our plans cover:

  • Emergency hospital and medical expenses
  • Ambulance fees, including air ambulance
  • X-rays and other diagnostic tests
  • Prescription medications
  • Rental of medical appliances, e.g. crutches
  • Private duty nursing in lieu of hospitalization
  • Incidental hospital charges, e.g. telephone, television
  • Return of travelling companion to home province
  • Repatriation in the event of death, or funeral expenses at the place of death
  • Family transportation, e.g. to bring a family member to the hospital where you are
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Return of vehicle
  • Dental emergencies

Q. What doesn’t the policy cover?

A. Generally the policy will not pay for ‘pre-existing conditions’, unless they have been ‘stable’ for a certain period of time.  Speak with one of our qualified brokers to find out what this means to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

SeaFirst and Garrett have been wonderful to deal with, quick to respond to our needs and questions. Even better is that they saved us a ton of money on our insurance with their adventure tourism specific policy. 

- Breanne and Rick, Spirit of the West Adventures Ltd.
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 I was satisfied and pleased with the prompt attention with which our claim was handled. Each person I spoke to during this process was very helpful.

- Sue, Intelligent Traffic Equipment

The service received from SeaFirst, the adjusters, the insurers and the restoration people was great. I highly recommend everybody who was involved. Thanks for the help in a horrible situation.

- Nighean Anderson